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2016/2017 Entertainment Guide
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Act II Entertainment Guide Is A 48 Page Guide To All The Best Entertainment That Covers All Of Our Shows Until The End Of The Season

Reach an audience of over 100,000 Theater patrons for Act II Entertainment’s 2016/2017 season November – April

Just a few of our 40 shows this season (540 performances) this season:
  • • Avenue Q - Three-time Tony award winner that won against Wicked
  • • Levi Kreis - How I Met Tony - Tony award winner for Million Dollar Quartet returns after a sell-out run last season
  • • Jai Rodriguez - Emmy award winner from Queer Eye For The Straight Guy and Broadway star
  • • Sutton Lee Seymour - Returns with 2 all-new shows after a successful run last season in The Way Off Broad
  • • Lorena Peril - Puerto Vallarta’s darling returns for the 3-day event of the year
  • • Alison Angram - The little bitch Nellie from Little House On The Prairie tells all
  • • Reach an audience of over 100,000 Theater patrons for Act II Entertainment’s 2016/2017 season November – April
  • • Ad will be placed on the TV monitors in the Red Room & Encore Bar
  • • Ad will be projected on the Basilio Badillo side exterior wall of Act II theater
  • • Ad w/ link in the of our email newsletter (25,000 email address)
  • • Ad w/ link to your website on the Act II website
  • • Logo on the step & repeat banner – NEW and now on display at Act II
  • • Logo on the Act II Wine & Bar menu
  • • Entertainment Guide will be live on the internet on Act II’s website – your ad will be there too
  • • Distributed at our 540 performances with a potential audience of over 100,000 throughout the 2016/2017 season
  • • On display for the taking in every possible hotel and condo lobby, in all the restaurants and tourist attractions
  • • 10,000 copies printed
  • • Artwork deadline October 15, 2016 – We need original layered files of artwork AND your logo



  • • The Entertainment Guide format is 11x17 size folded in half twice long-ways.
  • • Ads are available in STANDARD AD size, and combinations of STANDARD ADS.
  • • Premium placement inside the front cover available. See pricing chart below.
  • • All prices are in Mexican Pesos
  • • Cash or Check
  • • Full payment up front is preferred
Pricing: (in pesos)
  • • Standard ad (Call for pricing) (2.375” x 3.82")
  • • Can buy 3, 4, or 6 standard ads in different configurations to create ½ page, 2/3 page or full page
  • • Can buy multiple standard ads, one on each page
  • • Packages:
    • o 2 standard ads (Call for pricing)
    • o 3 standard ads (Call for pricing) (or ½ page)
    • o 4 standard ads (Call for pricing)
    • o 6 standard ads (Call for pricing) (or full page)
  • • Premium ad – full page on the first page (Call for pricing)
  • • Monthly sponsor (Call for pricing) (starting in December)
    • o Placement on calendar page (both ad spots)
    • o “December brought to you by…”
    • o Logo placement on the monthly posters that we hang up all over town

Jesse Rose Roberts
(322) 189-3215

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