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Act II


  • Hilarious night

    We went to the Dueling Divas show and had a blast. Joanna and Chichi were so much fun. Impersonating stars like Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse, Cher and Madonna. They were interactive with the audience and were very engaging. Definitely go!

    JoanBCalifornia California02-05-2018

    Just went to see XANADU. BETTER THAN THE MOVIE!!! OMG and LMAO is how I describe this hilarious, funny, and exciting stage show. I can't believe the incredible amount of talent and staging that went into this show. Beautifully painted backdrops! The stage looks like a 1980's roller rink! ROLLER SKATES! Smoke, thunder, lightening, moving lights and MUSIC! This was a non stop musical with incredible singing and is a must see if you are in Puerto Vallarta! FUN FUN FUN

    Howard R Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico02-05-2018
  • Music - Us Two

    My friends and I went to act II to see the group "Us Two". The stage show was great, amazing vocals with lots of classic songs everyone loves. We will come back again. The venue was great as well. Easy to find a parking spot, a lounge area for pre and post show socializing and the room had three rows of seating so we were literally 5 feet away from the artists. Sound was perfect - not too loud. Danny and Naomi know how to put on a great show. Great for anyone who loves classics from the 70s 80s and 90s.

    Dave P02-04-2018
  • Act II so much fun... A must night out

    We saw "Walk Like A Man... This was a great show, Paul gives a great run of the Four Seasons songs. We would certainly love to attend other shows at the Act II.

    Beema Michigan02-03-2018
  • Fantastic venue for the arts and entertainment

    Always a great show and entertainment. Located in the romantic zone close to the beach, restaurants and bars.

    Bill_Williams_3 houston02-03-2018

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